My name is Jordyn. I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the dry, cracked Earth meets the forests of Aspen trees. A hub of artistic energy, enough sky to get lost, and vast lands for exploration. I was born a desert woman.


I left the high desert for the coast quickly becoming enraptured with the surf culture of Southern California. I jumped in with two feet and hands held high. Chasing swells and dedicating my life to the sea. I became a lady slider.


Alas, I found the camera. I traveled the world - Scotland, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and more to tell riveting stories of inspiring women making change in their communities. I embraced myself as a storyteller.

Today I am an independent filmmaker, though my creative passions extend beyond that medium. Through my creative endeavors, I aim to reclaim the female narrative on screen and amplify the voices of diverse women around the world.